Dr. Jennifer Huggins
Dr. Jennifer Huggins
Clinical Psychologist

Chronic Pain / TMS

Chronic pain is a mystery when looked at strictly from a medical perspective. Doctors are often perplexed and do not have the answers to cure or treat the pain effectively. Many people with chronic pain continue to suffer, experience depression & anxiety, and have a low level of functioning, despite medical treatment.

Chronic pain is very real. However, there is often much more going on with pain than just what’s happening in the tissues of the body. Recent studies have shown that common chronic pain issues like low-back pain, neck pain, fibromyalgia symptoms, abdominal & pelvic pain, headaches, and repetitive stress injury are often not due to strictly structural causes, but are more the result of psycho-physiological processes, that when properly addressed, can dramatically improve or eliminate pain.  Many persons suffering from chronic pain aren't aware of the help that is available to them when their pain is addressed with a different treatment approach than the standard medical treatments they've tried. 

Tension Myositis Syndrome (TMS), a term coined by Dr. John Sarno of New York University Medical Center, also called Mind-Body Syndrome, Stress-Illness, or PPD (Psycho-Physiological Disorder), is a syndrome that is often responsible for many forms of chronic pain; although, this concept is not generally recognized by modern medicine. There are often many issues underlying chronic physical pain, that when addressed can improve a person’s pain, coping, and overall quality of life tremendously.