Self-Love is Your Key to Happiness

The key to happiness…we all want it, right?  If you’re like most people, you’re trying to find ways to be happy.

“If I lose 15 pounds, then I’ll be happy.” “Once I meet that perfect person, then I’ll be happy.” “If I could just find the right job, then I’ll be happy.”  “Once I make more money…” Well, you get the idea.

Sure, these pursuits might make you feel happy at the moment, but they’re often fleeting. There’s always the next thing we need to be happy once and for all.


No Time for Self-Care? 5 Simple Ways to fit YOU In.

There’s all sorts of to-dos to get accomplished each day. From getting up on time for work, getting through the work day, errands, taking care of your spouse and children, pets, household chores…and the list goes on and on. In the modern day world of the 40-hour workday and multi-tasking, who’s got time for self-care?! 

Are you a People-Pleaser?

You’re the one who is there for all your family and friends, who people go to for things. Others rely on you. They know that you’ll be there for what they need. Even if they don’t ask you, you often offer to help. What are friends for, right? You want to do the right thing and for others to like you.

Maybe you’re tired of being nice.

4 Effective Steps to Healing Your Mind and Body

Mind-body healing. Sound new-agy?  It may, but research tells us that there is a lot to this mind-body healing thing. If your body is giving you chronic symptoms like pain, stomach distress, headaches, or even skin issues, like eczema, it may be time to get your mind and body on your side.