No Time for Self-Care? 5 Simple Ways to fit YOU In.

There’s all sorts of to-dos to get accomplished each day. From getting up on time for work, getting through the work day, errands, taking care of your spouse and children, pets, household chores…and the list goes on and on. In the modern day world of the 40-hour workday and multi-tasking, who’s got time for self-care?!  We’ve all been there.

Because of the hustle and bustle of our busy lives, making time for self-care is not only harder, but even more essential to our well-being.

Here’s 5 simple ways to fit YOU into the daily grind:

1.   Audio-Books and Podcasts focused on Health and Wellness.

Listening to wellness podcasts and books on tape are an easy and convenient way to get your mind focused on self-care. If you’re like me and live in Los Angeles, then you might be in your car a lot. But, regardless of where you live, most of us spend time in our car or commuting to & from our daily to-dos. Make that time well-spent!

Suggested podcasts to get you started:

Suggested audio-books:

2.   Set a Mindfulness Alarm on your Phone.

This is a mindfulness meditation tip that many of my clients have benefited from. Simply, set an alarm on your phone to go off once, twice, or more times each day to remind yourself to be mindful: to pause, get present, and check-in. This could also be a time to take a few, mindful breaths. The beauty of this tip is that it doesn’t have to take long, but can make a huge impact on the course of your day and your stress-levels.

3.   Take a Brief Walk on Your Lunch Break.

If you work at a company or for yourself, the chances are you have a lunch-break. If you work from home, set aside a specific time each day for your lunch-break. Some of us are guilty of working through lunch, or eating lunch sitting down and then going back to work where, perhaps, we continue to sit. Getting some brief movement into your day, even 10 minutes worth, will give your mind and body a much needed break from the to-dos of the day. A brisk walk outside gets the blood flowing, leading to reduced body tension, and endorphin release, leading to a clear mind.

 4.   “Good Enough.”

This phrase is an important one to remember. If you’re like many of my clients, you might strive for perfectionism, push yourself for your work or other tasks to be a success, or you may have noticed you are a people-pleaser. Of course, succeeding is important, yet sometimes the pressure we put on ourselves to be all things can be overwhelming and, maybe even, unnecessary. Focusing on others' needs despite our own is a huge drain on our energy and wellness. Practice allowing yourself to have a “good-enough” mentality, while focusing on your needs also, and you might be surprised that not only are you still successful in your pursuits, but you feel better internally too.

 5.   “One good thing…”

This is another useful phrase to keep in mind as you unwind from the day. Ask yourself, “What is one good thing that happened today?” Or, “What is one good thing I did today?” You could ask yourself this question as you get into bed each night. Another possibility is to place a post-it note on your bathroom mirror with this question, so that when, for example brushing your teeth, you reflect on it. 

So, there ya have it. 5 simple, yet effective, strategies to fit YOU into your day. Because if you’re not fit into your day, who else can be… really? 

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Jennifer Huggins, Psy.D is a licensed Clinical Psychologist in West Los Angeles, specializing in Trauma and Chronic Pain. In addition to these specializations, she helps her clients heal depression, anxiety, and reduce stress though the use of cutting-edge treatments and empowering them to thrive in their lives. Her passion is helping clients find hope when its been lost. 

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