Follow me. Freedom is This Way…

Freedom is an attribute we’re all striving for.


But, do we ever truly grasp it?



Somewhere in our lives we yearn for freedom.

Freedom from being judged.


Freedom from our bad habits.


Freedom from that toxic relationship we can’t seem to let go.


Freedom from that inner bully that pushes us around.


Freedom from a lackluster job.

But, what is freedom, exactly?


Freedom is a feeling of contentment inside, it’s knowing who you are inside, despite the chaos that may surround you.


Finding the YOU in you is freedom. Once you meet the real you, circumstances matter far less in feeling emotionally free.


When you come to know yourself deeply, freeing choices seem to flow.


You’re more likely to chose a life path that is gratifying, that speaks to who you are and what makes you happy.


Making choices fully consistent with who you are and what you find most important is freedom.


Freedom is being our most honest, true, and loving self. No masks or facades, only authenticity paves the way.


If we all want freedom, why is it often hard to come by?


We get so wrapped up in the monotony of life. It’s easy to keep living the life we know. If we really go for what we don’t know, the road less traveled, perhaps we fear that freedom won’t be the end result?



Consider that maybe the result isn’t what we’re after.


What if the process of breaking our familiar chains is freedom?


The very act of choosing something different is where freedom lies.  Even if that choice doesn’t work out as planned.



Taking action and making different choices, moving toward a different path, can free you up to discover an inner truth.  

What’s inside you that may be waiting to be expressed? 



Maybe the uncertain movement toward the unknown is what creates the feeling of freedom and the much greater possibility that the path that ultimately is freeing will ultimately be found?


Staying stuck in familiar, dissatisfying places is unlikely to bring freedom. Choosing something different, despite the outcome, can.


Choose differently. Break the patterns of monotony. Choose you.


If you take the path less traveled, freedom will surely follow.


In the words of the famous Viktor Frankl: "Everything can be taken from a man but one thing; the last of the human freedoms — to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one's own way."

Jennifer Huggins, Psy.D is a licensed Clinical Psychologist in West Los Angeles, specializing in Trauma and Chronic Pain. In addition to these specializations, she helps her clients heal depression, anxiety, and reduce stress though the use of cutting-edge treatments and empowering them to thrive in their lives. Her passion is helping clients find hope when its been lost. 

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