Dr. Jennifer Huggins
Dr. Jennifer Huggins
Clinical Psychologist
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Hello, and welcome to my website, an online resource for chronic pain, and your first step to a healthier you and a bright future. My name is Dr. Jennifer Huggins, and I am a licensed Clinical Psychologist with specialties in chronic pain and trauma. There is a great amount of hope for you to heal your life, no matter where you are or how difficult things feel.

Chronic pain

If you’ve suffered for years with chronic pain, have gone from doctor to doctor, with little long-term benefit, then I know all too well the frustration and anxiety that this course can create. Many people develop secondary problems, like depression and anxiety, as a result of their pain. I am confident that we can help you to get off the medical merry-go-round and into a life you can once again enjoy.

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There is Hope